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CRUX Expedition Trailers' steel chassis is hot-dip galvanized for extreme protection from the elements.  The frame is dipped into a vat of molten Zinc at a temperature of over 840° to ensure complete coverage and guarantee corrosion resistance for the life of the product.  The trailer's body tub is made of zinc-coated steel plating that is covered in a baked-on enamel finish.  All hatches are weather sealed and lockable, providing peace of mind for any weather, any terrain and any location. 

Suspension, Wheels and tires

CRUX 1600's Independent, Trailing-Arm style Coil-Sprung Suspension system includes heavy-duty spring rates and gas charged shocks to comfortably and confidently carry all of your equipment and gear. Crux 1600 rolls on beefy 31" Cooper All Terrain Tires mounted on 15" alloy wheels and even includes a matching spare!  And with 25" of ground clearance, you can be sure that the CRUX 1600 will roll up and over anything your vehicle can.  

PreProduction Model Shown

PreProduction Model Shown

Production Model Shown


CRUX 1600 includes a 100A/H Deep Cycle Battery powering a 1000watt inverter with numerous 12v and 110v plugs, and includes a GoalZero Solar Panel for recharging.  And with slight modifications to the tow-vehicle's wiring, the battery can even be charged while in-tow. CRUX 1600 also features LED lighting throughout the trailer, tent and annex.

Creature Comforts

CRUX brings a touch of refinement to the overlanding market, combining luxurious accommodations with rugged dependability and an accessible price. 

PreProduction Model Shown

PreProduction Model Shown

Euro-Queen size foam mattress

You read that right; CRUX 1600's Euro-Queen Size Foam Mattress is guaranteed to impress even the most epicurean adventurer.  And the sleeping chamber can be partitioned off from the entry port / changing room for maximum seclusion. 


CRUX 1600's sleeping chamber also has three large windows with extendable awnings to allow as much, or as little, air flow and ventilation as you want.  And just like the entry port, all windows have a critter-proof mesh screen. 

PreProduction Model Shown

PreProduction Model Shown

Enclosed entry portal

CRUX 1600's fully enclosed entry portal / changing room not only gives you a dry and secluded area away from the sleeping chamber, but the portal and window screens are critter proof, allowing you to enjoy the breeze without unwanted guests. 

Extendable Awnings

Every opening on CRUX 1600's tent and annex is double layered; The outer layer of each window and the entry portal is made of the same 15oz Heavy Duty Canvas as the rest of the tent and annex, and can be rolled up and stored away, or extended out with easily installed supports for a weather and wind proof awning. 

Production Model Shown - 2 Burner Propane Range and Stainless Steel Prep-Table and Sink

Production Model Shown - 2 Burner Propane Range and Stainless Steel Prep-Table and Sink

standard chef's galley

CRUX 1600 features a fully functional Chef's Galley, including a 2-Burner Propane Range with an extendable stainless-steel Prep Table and a Prep-Sink.  There is also a 110 volt grounded outlet to run basic kitchen appliances. 

Production Model Shown - Dual Burner Propane Range

Production Model Shown - Dual Burner Propane Range

OPTIONAL Fridge / Freezer shown - Slide Out for Fridge / Freezer or Cooler shown with Standard LED Lighting

OPTIONAL Fridge / Freezer shown - Slide Out for Fridge / Freezer or Cooler shown with Standard LED Lighting

optional fridge / freezer

CRUX 1600 features a standard, central slide-out drawer for a large cooler or Fridge / Freezer.  This compartment is accessible through the tent's entry portal and features standard LED lighting.   We offer an available SnoMaster Fridge/Freezer that is a perfect fit for this compartment.  Reach out to our sales team for more information. 


Cargo & Capability

In addition to CRUX 1600's spacious storage for tools, equipment and supplies, it also carries over 17 gallons of fresh water, a full size propane tank, as well as two 5 gallon Jerry cans for fuel. 

Pre-Production Model Shown

Pre-Production Model Shown

65L Water tank

CRUX 1600's forward mounted water tank aids in maintaining a low center of gravity for an optimal towing experience, both on and off-road.   The 65L (<18gal) water tank is covered in a diamond plate steel skid plate to guard against punctures on the trail, and is backed by an electric water pump. 

Pre-Production Model Shown

Pre-Production Model Shown


CRUX 1600's storage options are vast.  With nearly 8 cubic feet of Tool Storage in the forward compartment, numerous lockable slide-out cargo drawers, and the cavernous central storage that houses the Fridge / Freezer or Cooler, there's somewhere secure and weatherproof for all of your equipment and supplies. 


Stable and level

CRUX 1600's chassis includes extendable struts that stabilize the trailer, ensuring uncompromising comfort, all night.   They can also be used to level the trailer if you're not parked on perfectly flat surface. 



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